Junior School News

Lower III girls took on Biz School’s ‘Pop-up Challenge’ this week, where they invested £6 in small teams to create their own small-scale business venture in the form of a pop-up market stall. Highly motivated by the element of competition, the girls enthusiastically embraced the project, showing their creativity with an array of different business ideas. Girls from Trans to Upper II could choose to spend their money on a new hairstyle at ‘rocking hairstyles’, a bag of popcorn or a smoothie at the ‘poppin’ smoothies’ stall, or a relaxing massage at the ‘chillaxing chipmunks’ stall. Some tried their luck at the raffle on the ‘win it or bin it’ stall, while others took on ‘the dark arts’ challenge as they attempted to draw blindfolded.

All those who entered Kensington Hall this Tuesday would have undoubtedly experienced the overwhelming feel of a bustling market place. Costumes, banners and the promise of special discounts and bargains were just a few practices the girls used to entice potential customers to their stalls. All stall holders rose to the challenge, which was an innovative way to develop the girls’ entrepreneurial skills and bring the perceived dull world of business to life.

The Lower III girls are very much looking forward to the next step in the programme. In their teams, they will develop a 'big idea' for a prospective business, which they will competitively pitch to 'The Bears' Cave' in the hope of securing a £250 loan to set up their company. 

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