Junior School News

Flora the Explorer found out that the Lower I girls knew quite a bit about deserts, so she invited them on a quest to find the lost crystal lizard. After packing their bags full of water, food, binoculars, compass and other necessary items for an excursion, the girls climbed on board their boat and sailed across the sea to the place where the lizard was last spotted. Whilst on board, the girls took on their roles of cooking, washing, hoisting their sail and on arrival of their destination, throwing over the anchor. After all making it safely to ground, they then had to use their best bartering skills to buy camels to carry their equipment. Next came their hardest challenge of the trip, they set off trudging through the desert, even tackling a sandstorm or two on the way. Dodging venomous snakes and jackals, the girls eventually arrived at the hamadas where the crystal lizard had been lost. After searching high and low and following specific instructions given by Flora the Explorer, the girls found the crystal lizard, making for a very successful excursion. 

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