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‘Sometimes, a change of perspective is all it takes to see the light’ (Dan Brown)

Extending their focus on the theme of Challenge, the Junior School has been considering the related and reciprocal concept of Perspective. Defined simply, perspective ultimately relates to the way we think about things. It determines our outlook on and interpretation of events and situations, such that the same occurrence can seem completely different depending on one’s perspective. In other words, ‘We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses’ (Abraham Lincoln).

At times, we can all lose a sense of perspective. Things can seem bigger or worse than they really are, and impossible to overcome. In her first assembly of the school year, Mrs D-C introduced the girls to her ‘Pants of Perspective’ for such times, borrowing the concept from adventurer and author Anna McNuff who came to speak to our Lower III Leavers last year. Anna explained how, when things get overwhelming, she puts on her multi-coloured ‘Pants of Perspective’ to remind herself that life is good - she has food to eat and family and friends who love her. In this way, the thing that is making her anxious becomes proportionate; something that she can deal with, if not immediately, then in time.

Recognising that we could all benefit from this idea, the Junior School decided to hold a special ‘Pants of Perspective Day’ to combat those January blues. On the Wednesday after ‘Blue Monday’, the Junior School transformed into a sea of colour as girls and staff alike donned their ‘Pants of Perspective’ – from pink velvet ones to gold shiny ones, and even ones with emojis on them! In a reflective assembly led by our whole School Chaplain, Miss Hadwin, the girls were given some tips on how they might retain a sense of perspective. First, to think of all they had to be grateful for, from a roof over their heads to the many wonderful subjects they were able to learn at School. Second, to step back and alter the vantage point so that they might see the bigger picture. Lastly, to always remember that ‘It is not happy people who are grateful, but grateful people who are happy.’   

Thank you, Junior School, for reminding us that sometimes we all need to put on our ‘Pants of Perspective’. Thus we can take stock, find courage and remind ourselves that the world is a wonderful place to which we each have much to offer, and from which we all have much to gain.

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