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Lower IIIM transported the Junior School to their European talent show this morning with their entertaining assembly on Europe.

With Brexit still very much on everyone’s mind, Lower IIIM deemed it appropriate to provide some interesting facts about Europe and give us an insight into the traditions of a few European countries. The girls began by answering the important question on everyone’s mind, ‘Does Brexit mean we can no longer compete in the European Song Contest?’ Fortunately, they explained that leaving the European Union does not mean we leave Europe so therefore still have our place in the Contest – phew!

Not only did the girls fill our heads with knowledge of Europe’s origin, climate, geography and more, but in small groups, they also entertained us with sketches, all put together by the girls themselves. We saw a traditional Swizz folk dance accompanied by the violin and piano, a traditional Portuguese fandango accompanied by the drum and clarinet, followed by a German waltz accompanied by the recorder. A traditional Hungarian folk story and Italian sketch which put a modern twist on Mona Lisa provided both comedy and amateur dramatics. The final sketch was a Spanish flamenco, complemented by traditional castanets. The girls concluded the assembly with an important message, portrayed through song – all the countries were bought together and sang of holding hands and breaking down walls. As a final offering, Lower III thanked the audience for watching their assembly in not one, but five different languages. Well done girls, great performances all round!

Click here for more photos of the assembly.

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