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Celebrating a fantastic year with the annual Open Afternoon

It proved a fantastic end to a superb year as girls, parents, siblings and staff gathered together to enjoy the annual Junior School Open Afternoon – an opportunity to showcase the hard work done by all over the last 12 months and celebrate the Junior School community. This year, Open Afternoon was given something of a revamp, taking on a street-festival vibe including a wide variety of interesting food stalls and an action-packed programme of performances from all year groups.

Guests could enjoy smoothies whizzed up by the ‘smoothie bicycle’, a bag of popcorn from the popcorn shack and even fresh pizzas and pancakes as they wandered the Junior School corridors and classrooms admiring the vibrant displays covering the walls. Live entertainment was on offer across all three sites, with performances ranging from Nursery’s heart-warming ‘Ocean Clean Up’ to Upper II’s ‘Water Cycle’ dance, to stunning singing from all choirs.

It was an incredibly fitting end to a hugely positive year and there could be no mistaking the innate care, thoughtfulness and fun that make up Junior School life.

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