Head's View
  • 11/10/19

    Head's View - 11 October 2019

    There is something about singing, in every faith and tradition, which can take us beyond ourselves.

  • 04/10/19

    Head's View - 4 October 2019

    Poems invite us to look at the world through fresh eyes, and the English department did just that with thought-provoking assemblies on this year’s theme of truth.

  • 27/09/19

    Head's View - 27 September 2019

    We regularly speak of encouraging all our pupils to develop considered opinions and the confidence to express them.

  • 20/09/19

    Head's View - 20 September 2019

    Upper V students enjoyed spending time in our Sixth Form as they consider their Next Steps

  • 13/09/19

    Head's View - 13 September 2019

    We often remind the girls that they belong to many different communities within the School, and the connections between year groups that our House meetings and events create are a joy to see.

  • 06/09/19

    Head's View - 6 September 2019

    It isn’t just the changing seasons we are aware of at this time of the year: the adjustment to a new class, new teachers, new school is one which we hope all our children will manage easily and happily.

  • 10/07/19

    Head's View - 10 July 2019

    What was striking, amid the smiles and the richly deserved congratulations on a superb results day for our IB students, was the emphasis in so many conversations on personal growth.

  • 05/07/19

    Head's View - 5 July 2019

    ​Whilst I sometimes find it hard to imagine how we travelled anywhere without Google maps, the physical artefacts still hold a real fascination.

  • 28/06/19

    Head's View - 28 June 2019

    This week of Welcomes and Farewells is always an especially poignant one.

  • 21/06/19

    Head's View - 21 June 2019

    With England sitting at the top of their group in the Women’s World Cup, sporting success has been a theme this week. And what a pleasure to see the determination, competitive spirit and camaraderie of all our wonderful competitors at our Sports Day.