Head's View
  • 17/05/19

    Head's View - 17 May 2019

    What a treat to see a whole stageful of glove-wearing, bald-headed, children-hating witches defeated by the wit and ingenuity of Boy/Mouse and his plucky grandma.

  • 10/05/19

    Head's View - 10 May 2019

    No one on Kendrick Road could have failed to be cheered by the vibrant and scootering crocodile of Teletubbies, dinosaurs, nuns and hula girls – brave on this chilly May morning! – who arrived in good spirits for their Celebration Day today.

  • 03/05/19

    Head's View - 3 May 2019

    There is much more to be gained from spending time at lunch or after school taking part in activities with mixed age groups.

  • 05/04/19

    Head's View - 5 April 2019

    A closely fought netball match between senior pupils and former students ended honourably at 21-20, with the Alumnae All Stars just edging ahead to clinch the win.

  • 29/03/19

    Head's View - 29 March 2019

    From ice skating to horse riding, rowing and football to hockey and judo, this has been an outstanding sporting year for our pupils.

  • 22/03/19

    Head's View - 22 March 2019

    Whether it is spending the weekend with friends creating a spring showstopper cake or being part of the wonderful wall of sound in the Sister Act ensemble, each of us takes pleasure in feeling we belong.

  • 15/03/19

    Head's View - 15 March 2019

    Standing up in front of all the girls and staff in your House to pitch for the role of House Captain takes courage, and there was a good deal of it on show this week at the hustings.

  • 08/03/19

    Head's View - 8 March 2019

    For this year’s International Women’s Day, we have celebrated the pioneering spirit and achievements of activists, innovators, writers, scientists and artists.

  • 01/03/19

    Head's View - 1 March 2019

    There is a growing desire amongst pupils for cultural immersion, seeing art and artefacts for themselves and engaging with creators, away from the limitations of a screen.

  • 14/02/19

    Head's View - 14 February 2019

    We have spent some time thinking about ‘Perspective’: not just the importance of seeing things from both sides and making a point of listening to opinions which differ from our own but the value of time and distance in keeping things in proportion.