Head's View
  • 22/03/19

    Head's View - 22 March 2019

    Whether it is spending the weekend with friends creating a spring showstopper cake or being part of the wonderful wall of sound in the Sister Act ensemble, each of us takes pleasure in feeling we belong.

  • 15/03/19

    Head's View - 15 March 2019

    Standing up in front of all the girls and staff in your House to pitch for the role of House Captain takes courage, and there was a good deal of it on show this week at the hustings.

  • 08/03/19

    Head's View - 8 March 2019

    For this year’s International Women’s Day, we have celebrated the pioneering spirit and achievements of activists, innovators, writers, scientists and artists.

  • 01/03/19

    Head's View - 1 March 2019

    There is a growing desire amongst pupils for cultural immersion, seeing art and artefacts for themselves and engaging with creators, away from the limitations of a screen.

  • 14/02/19

    Head's View - 14 February 2019

    We have spent some time thinking about ‘Perspective’: not just the importance of seeing things from both sides and making a point of listening to opinions which differ from our own but the value of time and distance in keeping things in proportion.

  • 08/02/19

    Head's View - 15 February 2019

    Following the success of our recent Aspire lecture and networking dinner, what was abundantly clear was the consistency of the message at both events: more than ever, employers value the attributes of collaboration, clarity of thought and creativity.

  • 25/01/19

    Head's View - 25 January 2019

    ​As my Lower IV class was keen to demonstrate this Curiosity Week, setting off on a mission to be truly curious can lead you to ask some tricky questions.

  • 18/01/19

    Head's View - 18 January 2019

    ​Chess players are well known for their enviable ability to think in patterns. Regular players learn to use both sides of the brain when making decisions, developing both their logical and their creative skills as highly effective problem-solvers.

  • 11/01/19

    Head's View - 11 January 2019

    Looking back offers us the chance to see how far we have travelled, how those things which seemed once to be insurmountable obstacles have now become landmarks of our progress along the journey, time granting us valuable perspective.

  • 12/12/18

    Head's View - 12 December 2018

    It was heartening to see how many of our girls and parents attended Monday’s presentation given by the President of the Institution of Engineering and Technology, Mike Carr OBE, and the 2007 winner of the Young Woman Engineer, Mamta Singhal.