The Abbey is open virtually to students and staff.

A few members of staff are at School ensuring that students of key workers are being provided for over this period.
Please contact us for any questions you may have concerning this unusual period facing the School and the UK at [email protected]

I can truly say it has been an honour to serve as the sixth Head of The Abbey School. It has not been without its challenges and many surprises. However, I have always felt proud and privileged to lead this remarkable school.

Within 6 weeks of me arriving in post we had our first inspection. I vividly remember the 17 inspectors and the affirmation that the school was ‘exceptional’ and remains so. What struck me then and now was how much the girls bring to the school. With their energy, enthusiasm and determination the girls quite simply bring the school to life. When I consider my previous roles as both a Deputy Head and Director of Sixth Form I realise just how many girls I have had the joy of supporting. Of course, the one who can never be forgotten is my own daughter. It has been a journey for both of us and along the way she has always avoided me taking myself too seriously. We spent 12 years travelling to and from The Abbey frequently discussing the completely bonkers and often unexplainable that is Reading traffic jams and the inevitable and I suspect unsolvable ‘third bridge’ dilemma.

The Abbey will always be in my heart and with it the many staff with whom I have worked and sadly some of whom are now I hope keeping watch over me for whatever adventures lie ahead. The final thanks must go to my governors who have always been superbly generous with both their time and their support.

In the words of Nanny McPhee:

"When you need me, but do not want me then I must stay. But when you want me but no longer need me, I have to go.”

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