• 26/03/19

    Attaining maturity can take three decades, so is it right to expect pupils to make subject choices from 14?

    Read the Head's reflections on the recent research from Cambridge neuroscientists on the age at which the brain matures.

  • 06/02/19

    Unconditional offers – can a balance be found?

    The issue of universities offering unconditional offers is not going to go away anytime soon, especially in light of the latest research from UCAS which shows that some institutions are making up to 84 percent of their offers unconditional.

  • 03/12/18

    Supporting our girls to develop intellectual agility

    At the recent Girls’ School Association conference Professor Lord Robert Winston of Imperial College London gave a fabulous presentation. Amongst other things he explored the importance of scientific literacy and intellectual creativity.

  • 11/10/18

    Will AI replace teachers in the classroom?

    There is great excitement and in some case a little hysteria about the ever increasing shadow of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The debate about whether or not robots will replace teachers in the classroom tends to split opinion.

  • 12/09/18

    Future-proofing our girls at The Abbey

    Are we providing our children with the right tools for the 21st Century?

  • 27/04/18

    The IB at 50 - 'Shaping the Future'

    ​Over Easter, I had the great pleasure of attending the IB Heads World Conference 2018 in Singapore to kick-off the International Baccalaureate’s 50th anniversary year.

  • 09/03/18

    Sensitive 'Snowflakes' or Misunderstood Millennials adapting to a digital age?

    ​In the wake of yet another flurry of criticism surrounding the ‘Snowflake Generation’, the past weeks have seen media opinion polarised between those who think the label has merit, and those who argue it is misplaced.

  • 30/01/18

    Thousands of little moments

    ​‘Often, it’s not about becoming a new person, but becoming the person you were meant to be and already are, but don’t know how to be.’ (H. L. Buckmaster)

  • 13/12/17

    ‘To thine own self be true’

    Last week I had the privilege of joining a panel of inspirational women at the annual Aspire Making A Difference conference held at County Hall, Westminster.

  • 07/11/17

    Changing seasons

    As the seasons change and we embark on the second half of term it is very evident how important change actually is. I think one of the distinguishing features of Britain is its distinct four seasons, each with their own mood, events and celebrations.