Why Community Really Matters

In recent weeks we have all watched as Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc across the Caribbean and the southern states of the USA and earthquakes have devastated lives and land in Mexico. However, within hours it was clear that communities had begun to rally to support one another. I was particularly struck by one resident of the British Virgin islands and Abbey alumna who very much expressed the views of many when she explained how she had been taken in, complete with family pets, by a neighbour and they had huddled together until the storm passed. There is no doubt that a strong community spirit will be needed to drive through the many challenges ahead. Certainly we as school will be doing all we can to support those who live and work in the affected areas through our charitable fundraising activity.

I have made community very much my message for this the start of our year. As part of our 130 year celebrations we have focused on Reading and in the last few weeks alone we have completed a staff treasure hunt around the town in which over 170 staff navigated clues and challenges before returning to base for some much needed refreshments and awards ahead of the new school year. It was great fun and a real reminder of how wonderful my staff are. 

There will be inevitable challenges for us all in the months ahead but I strongly believe that as long as we remain focused on who we are - and where at all possible tackle our days with a smile and as a community - all will be well.

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