As someone who remembers vividly the storms of 1987 I find this week a very poignant one. For me I happened to be in London and so as well seeing the devastation first-hand I also remember trying to find a public phone box – yes do you remember those iconic red boxes in order to place 10p – which was all you needed to phone to say I would be home as soon as the trains began to run again – well ok public transport remains an issue even without the weather inhibitor. 

But apart from this life is very different. Michael Fish’s famous blooper in which he mocked any idea that a storm was coming was watched by millions at home on a large chunky television possibly supported by an equally giant ‘state of the art’ video recorder. Today, news is accessible 24/ 7 through a whole serious of mediums including tablet, phone and flat screen television. Weather forecasts are highly sophisticated and updated with minute by minute accuracy.  The world also feels a MUCH faster place. 

I was 18 when the 87 storms hit and felt excited about my future I feel even more excited for the girls who have just left us. I think our girls are far more equipped than I was to take on the world and they are more knowledgeable about their future. And yet, I would hope if I saw my 18-year-old self now I would see a glimmer of the same determination, sense of humour and integrity as The Abbey girls now in my care.

So let us hold our breath for 2045…. Coincidently linked to that eighties iconic film ‘Back to The Future’…you might enjoy the following article.

Have a good half term when it comes

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