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Two weeks to go until the Whiteknights Studio Trail!

The anticipation builds at The Abbey School as the Whiteknights Studio Trail gets ever closer! Janet Curley Cannon, our Visual Artist in Residence, is hard at work finishing her sculpture, while pupils from all different years are collaborating to complete their Towers of Priority. The Whiteknights Studio Trail consists of 21 venues across the Reading University area, featuring 40 artists. Their work includes painting, photography, drawing, basketmaking, ceramics and jewellery, and takes place on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 June.

We are proud to have our very own Gallery, and have already held many exhibitions of our pupils’ work. For the girls themselves, The Gallery is a wonderful educational tool as the space allows them to share their work with different year groups, as well as the wider Abbey community. Younger students will get to see the excellent work made by the older girls, and the older girls get to see the work that is going on further down the School. They may see styles or techniques that inspire them to experiment with new styles in the classroom.

We are delighted our Artist in Residence and two members of staff are taking part in this year’s event. Why not come and visit on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 June 2019 to see what they’ve all been making.

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