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In November  it was great to once again be visited by the professional pianist Roger Vignoles to give a concert, this time with Scottish tenor, Nicky Spence. The two performed a large repertoire that ranged from Schubert to Weil to Quilter, with Nicky singing in three languages: English, German and Scots. Before the concert the two performers sat down with Mr Willis for a brief interview in which the performers described much of the context and meaning of the songs that would be performed, providing another layer of depth and emotion to the pieces for those who came to both the concert and the talk. Most memorable to me was the set of Britten pieces from ‘Who Are These Children?’, a number of dark children’s songs written in Scots that often focused on the horrors of war. All in all, the concert was a phenomenal display of talent from both performers and it was an evening very well spent.

Alex Mariano, Upper Sixth

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