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Remembering the ‘forgotten’ Korean War

By Michal, Lower VI

As part of the History International Baccalaureate course, Natasha, Camila and I have been studying the Korean War from the American perspective, exploring its importance in the Cold War. Often called the Forgotten War, in fact over 100,000 British soldiers served on the Korean Peninsula.

Thanks to Mrs Eunyoung Mallet in the Maths Department, we were invited to attend a British Korean War veterans’ memorial service at Reading University. We also had the unique opportunity to give a speech recounting our experiences of studying the war and the great appreciation and respect we have for the British involvement, the legacy of which we still witness today.

It was fascinating to be able to listen to the very striking yet humble first-hand accounts of the soldiers’ experiences, through which we discovered more about the British side of the war.

Of course, we should not forget to mention the authentic Korean food we got to taste at the end of the service!

We feel privileged to have been able to connect with members of our local community in this way and we look forward to hopefully visiting again next year.

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