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The Grand Reunion Celebrates 130 Years In Style

Our 130 Anniversary celebrations continued with the Grand Reunion on Saturday 14 October. Over 150 former pupils, their family members, and former staff gathered at School to celebrate its past, and experience the present.

From learning about German Christmas traditions, to experimenting with a Van de Graaf generator - and a whole range of other experiences in between - our guests took part in a range of ‘back to the classroom’ sessions delivered by current Abbey teachers. The rest of the day was filled with tours of both the Junior and Senior Schools, the ASROGA AGM, talks about The Abbey past and present, and a delicious lunch and afternoon tea.

Our guests ranged from a 3-day old baby to a lady who left the Abbey in 1950, and we had large groups visiting from our 1967, 1987, 1997 and 2007 leavers who are all celebrating their own decade anniversaries this year.

A full gallery of photos from the day is available to view here.

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