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Over 30 ladies from the class of 2005, along with a number of their teachers, were welcomed back to school on Saturday 14th November, for their ’10 Years On’ Reunion. They spent the afternoon catching up with each other and sharing memories of their time at the Abbey.

Our Alumnae guests were given tours of the school by a group of LVI and UVI pupils, and there was much laughter and reminiscing. Whilst some of the fabric of the School is notably different now to when they were here - including the Sixth Form and the façade of the School - other areas such as the gym and the science block were reassuringly familiar.

It was wonderful to hear about how these Alumnae are progressing in their chosen careers, to hear how warmly they speak of their time at School, and to witness just how enduring are the friendships they forged here.

A gallery of photos from the Reunion are available to view here.

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