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Forming part of a broader Community Arts Week, this week marked our biennial Evening of Gymnastics and Dance: ‘A Moment in Time’. With more than 120 girls involved, the performance superbly highlighted the coming together of girls from all ages, dance backgrounds and with varying levels of experience from across the School. United in their love of gymnastics and dance as a form of creative expression, it was evident throughout that the girls’ enjoyment was at the heart of this spectacular event.

The opening number saw the whole cast perform together wearing t-shirts marked with ‘A Moment in Time’ which held significant meaning to them. For some girls, this was their date of birth, for others this was a date of change in the World, be this the date that the Animal Cruelty Act was passed or the date that women got the vote.

What followed demonstrated a spectacular array of styles across different eras. From a very current Street number performed to ‘Time’ (2014) by Jungle, a modern soul band, to a classic Jive performed to Bill Haley & His Comets, ‘Rock Around the Clock’ (1960). Some dances paid tribute to a memorable event, such as a Ballet Trio dancing in remembrance of 9/11, while Junior Modern demonstrated the evolution of dance in a highly energetic medley of dance styles, incorporating comical moments throughout.

A short interval followed the first half, allowing guests to feast on a delicious spread of time-themed refreshments. As the guests entered the dining room, they were immediately tempted by fruit smoothies and ‘full-english’ breakfast bites. Moving further down the room, to lunch, guests were allured by sandwiches and quiche, complemented by brownies and scones. Last stop was dinner, where offerings of vegetable tikka on mini naans with mango chutney were too tempting to refuse.

The audience returned to their seats where a high-flying trampette routine introduced speed and risk into the evening, provoking gasps and loud cheers from those watching. A mixture of tap, ballet, contemporary, gymnastics, lyrical and cheerleading throughout the second half further displayed the huge diversity and talent amongst the performers.

The girls provided a roller coaster experience with delicate, heart-touching moments contrasted with high-energy, fast-paced routines, keeping the audience enthralled throughout. Huge congratulations to all the cast and crew for an outstanding performance, testament to the effort put in by all. This was certainly ‘A Moment in Time’ that won’t be forgotten. 

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