A Level results 2020

Will le Fleming, Head:

“We are very proud of the results attained by all our students. We are pleased that in the great majority of cases our students’ hard work and dedication during their time at The Abbey has been recognised in the standardisation process and we congratulate them as they continue their learning journey at leading universities around the UK.

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Community News
  • 19/07/20

    We are all in this together!

    You are awesome!

  • 12/06/20

    School response to the BLM campaign

    Chair of Governors supports students in BLM ststement

  • 05/06/20

    Commitment from The Chair of Governors

    Our commitment to tackling issues of inequality.

  • 23/03/20

    1920 vs 2020

    What was The Abbey like in 1920, and how does that compare to 2020?

  • 20/03/20

    And breathe...

    The need to look after our wellbeing is more important now than ever before and from a mindful perspective, whilst we cannot change the current situation we are able to control the way in which we approach and adapt to it.

  • 28/02/20

    Careers and Higher Education Convention 2020

    The flagship event in our Aspire careers programme, The Careers and Higher Education Convention, took place on Thursday 27 February and it was an outstanding success, with over 500 students and parents attending.

  • 29/01/20

    Art For Research Reading

    Students from both the Junior and Senior Schools are taking part in the charity ‘Art for Research Reading’ competition and exhibition.

  • 03/12/19

    Christmas comes early at The Abbey

    The Christmas Market only comes around only once every two years, and we had been immensely looking forward to hosting it again ever since we closed the doors on 2017 event, 728 days ago!

  • 29/11/19

    An Evening with Conor O'Shea

    The Abbey hosted 100 guests who enjoyed a three-course meal and a talk from rugby legend Conor O’Shea.

  • 20/11/19

    Abbey Alumna brings theatre to life on South Street

    Former Abbey student directs new Christmas Production at her own local theatre company, Reading Between the Lines.