Samar is a rising Taekwondo Champion

28 November 2019

With only three years of experience, Lower I pupil, Samar, has already gained martial arts success by winning a gold medal in sparring at the Welsh Open 2019 and a silver & a bronze medal at the UK Open in 2019

Samar started Taekwondo when she was just 4 years old at the renowned Thames Valley Taekwondo School under the International Instructor and Umpire Senior Master Andy Whiteley.

Through clear guidance, dedication and perseverance, Samar achieved a yellow belt at the age of 5 and a green belt at the age of 7, making her one of the youngest green belt pupils within the academy.

With her passion for Taekwondo increasing, Samar participated in the Welsh Open this October, achieving a gold medal in sparring in the Under 10 Female category. Then at the UK Open 2019, Samar achieved a silver medal in sparring and a bronze medal within the Special Techniques category. Samar has earned her accolades in Taekwondo through determination and hard work, despite being one of the youngest competitors.

Samar says ‘I love Taekwondo for the techniques it teaches me and it makes me feel strong and happy. I am proud when I am doing it because not many people can do Taekwondo.’

The values that Abbey has nurtured into Samar around courage, confidence and acceptance have been a key enabler in Taekwondo helping her to build a strong foundation of self-defence skills and working hard persistently and honestly. We hope she continues her journey rising higher and inspiring many around her.