“You set the expectation that everyone can have great and many ambitions; you set the expectation that life is wonderful, challenging and constantly changing; you introduce the rich fabric of society around us in an varied and inspiring way and a way that is relevant to children - by providing the girls with this foundation, they are well set for life in today’s world. This is truly remarkable.”

"Many thanks again, for a fantastic four years during which we have seen our little girl start to morph into the amazing young woman she will undoubtedly become, largely thanks to your tireless commitment to providing not just a first class education but to creating well-rounded individuals destined to make their indelible mark on the world”

“Thank you for the countless things you’ve done over several years to help nurture our little devil and help shape her into the rapidly growing little girl she’s become. The culture, ethos and atmosphere of the school has been unfailingly supportive. She’s benefitted enormously and what’s she’s learned about how to work with other people, and perhaps above all how to think about herself, will help her hugely in the challenging times to come.”

“A confident and well run school that knows exactly where it’s going, with happy girls who are stretched and challenged but not pressurised.”

The Abbey Junior School – The Good Schools Guide

“…a fun, supportive and motivating place to be, providing excellent preparation for the modern world.”

The Abbey Junior School – The Good Schools Guide