Mental Health Awareness Week

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, Leila from Upper II shared her presentation about anxiety, and she did an absolutely fantastic job! Leila should be so proud of herself for being brave enough to discuss this topic with her peers, as well as approaching it with sensitivity. 


She had clearly spent time independently researching coping strategies and confidently explained them to her classmates.  

The other members of her class responded with kindness, curiosity and, at times, relief, as many of them expressed that they thought that only they experienced these sorts of feelings!’


Feedback from peers:

“It was really, really good and I am now more comfortable talking about my own anxiety. Leila put so much effort into it and she should be proud!”


“I learnt about grounding and how to become more calm.”


Leila’s reflection:

“At the start I felt really nervous about presenting my slides to the class, but as I got into it I became much more comfortable talking to them about anxiety. It was great to see how curious they all were and that they were willing to share their own experiences.”