Well done to all our IB students 2020

You may be delighted to learn that our IB students have, in this strangest of years, achieved a fabulous set of results.

Highlights include:

av point score = 39 (Global av = 30)

52% of candidates scored 40 or more

87% of HL (higher level) grades are at 6 or 7

1 candidate scored a full 45 points

Very high av core score (extended essay, theory of knowledge, creativity/activity/service) of 2.3

90% of students into high ranking first choice Universities, with 3 students into Oxbridge

Wide range of courses at destination universities: psychology, aerospace engineering, medicine, commercial management & quantity surveying, English Literature, PPE, child nursing

Outcomes such as these wouldn't be possible without the vast amounts of effort and care that our staff have provided to these students, not just during the last couple of years, but throughout their time at the Abbey School. Well done to everyone involved.

Please contact us if you would like to join us and be a part of a fabulous Sixth Form IB or A-level programme in 2020/21 at [email protected]



The Abbey was built on Christian Foundations, but today we welcome pupils of all faiths and none. We are fortunate at The Abbey to have a School Chapel and a Chaplain. The Chapel is a quiet space where staff celebrate Eucharist at the beginning of each term, and where anybody can go to pray or be quiet. In a busy school, it represents the stillness that can be found within all of us.

What does a Chaplain do? At The Abbey, the Chaplain supports the spiritual welfare of girls and staff. She is a listening ear when requested, a presence in the school community, someone whose presence reminds us that we are all on a journey of faith, whether religious or secular, or something in between. The Chaplain organises and participates in our varied assembly programme – this year we have focused on balance, gratitude and art. She leads the festivals that we participate in during the year: harvest, remembrance, Christmas, Lent, Easter and Commemoration.

Within school, we have a Junior and Senior Chapel Club. The clubs meet once a week and are lead by our Chaplaincy prefects, Hannah and Rebecca. The Parents Prayer Group meets monthly to uphold the school in prayer. If you would like to come to this please email the Chaplain, Allison Hadwin: [email protected]