It's back to school for the Upper Prep parents

8 November 2019

There were some very grown-up looking students in the Junior School classrooms today, as the Upper Prep girls welcomed some very special visitors into their classes – their parents!

The mums and dads were given maths problems to solve and a dance routine to complete – though thankfully not at the same time!

One class braved the rain to measure the height of the trees in the playground. All sorts of different equipment was used to figure out the height of the trees with some opting for rope, others choosing measuring sticks and a few selecting cameras! The parents and children took photos of each other next to the tree to work out the scale, one tree was 12x the height of Kaira and another was 26x the height of Emma. It was amazing to see the variety of different ways one problem can be solved. The parents commented on the interactive nature of the lessons, which allowed the children to fully immerse themselves in the problem and then solve it in a way that worked best for them.

Another class joined in with one of the girl’s favourite songs, Lunch by Blazer Fresh. The energetic rap lists the importance of a healthy and balanced diet, and encourages everyone to get moving.

These activities were a great opportunity for parents to see how their girls are learning, and the confidence that they possess in the classroom to try out different ideas and strategies. It was a boost for the girls too, to see their visitors in a different way, as learners as well as mums and dads.

After a very hardworking morning, the girls escorted their visitors to the dining room where they performed a brilliant rendition of ‘Big Blue Tractor.’ The girls didn’t have long to learn the harvest song but they sung it perfectly, with many of the parents saying it was their favourite part of the day and that they were very impressed.

A delicious lunch followed, which really showed the visitors just how lovely the food prepared for the girls every day is. Chicken, roasted vegetable and quinoa parcels, smoky bean cassoulet, there were many options to choose from, although everyone agreed that the best dessert to have in Autumn has to be apple crumble, which was enthusiastically consumed by all!

Thank you to all our visitors for joining us today.