Dr. Sara Goodacre

Geneticist and ‘Spider Woman’!

Sara was born in March 1974, and was in our ‘Class of 1992’. After graduating from Cambridge University she has gone on to become a Research Fellow at Oxford, and now holds a Research Geneticist and Professor post at Nottingham University.

Described by the BBC as ‘Spider Woman’, these creepy crawlies have become the secret behind Sara’s research. She founded ‘SpiderLab’ in 2007, which looks at the evolution of spiders and spider silk, focussing in particular on the unusual types of silk that some spiders can make. Along with chemists at the University of Nottingham, her research seeks to develop functionalised spider silk that can be used for drug delivery, wound healing and regenerative medicine.

“I’ve always been interested in biology… it was just this underlying fascination with the world around me and I couldn’t imagine having done anything else. I am so pleased that I actually ended up making it into this job… I find it endlessly fascinating and it was my favourite subject at school!”