We welcomed Tessa back to The Abbey as one of our guest speakers at the 2017 Senior School Speech Day. A leader in her field of Cosmology, Tessa is currently a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in the University of Oxford Theoretical Cosmology group, and a Fellow of All Souls College. She has previously spent a year as a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania.

A founder member of the Abbey’s Rocket club whilst at school with an already highly developed interest in the cosmos and what’s out there, Tessa left School in 2006 and went on to read Physics at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, subsequently going on to achieve her PhD in Astrophysics and Cosmology.

In 2015, she was awarded the ‘Women of the Future’ award for Science, in recognition of her research into the applicability of Einstein’s theory of gravity, General Relativity, to the large scale structure of the universe. She undertakes a great deal of outreach work, speaking to schools and scientific societies about her cosmological research.