Talented artist Tanisha Walker, who is currently studying A2 Art within the Upper Sixth, has recently had the honour of having her work displayed in an exhibition to raise awareness for black history. 

She says that, "In my second AS art project, I chose the theme ‘Significant Events’. I decided to focus on the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement in America, which started as a result of the awful events happening in America in the two years or so. The movement began after George Zimmerman was acquitted of shooting and killing a young black teenager named ‘Trayvon Martin’ in July 2013. Since this event, it has become even more apparent that innocent black people are being killed almost daily as a result of police brutality against black people in America. In most of these cases, the victims were unarmed or completely innocent civilians. It’s difficult to put into words how angry and upset these events have made me, so I decided it would be better to show my upset through art. I feel like by choosing to focus on this issue, dedicating each art piece to a different victim, I have helped raise awareness to the issue."

The photo shows Tanisha's exhibited piece.