A chance trial session at the age of 9 turned into a passion for Lottie when she agreed to join a friend at Reading Royals Synchronised Swimming Club. After being accepted on to the fast-track programme she soon became drawn into the competitive and social world of synchro.

Thanks to their talent and enormous dedication Lottie and her squad were very successful, reaching second place in the national championships and Lottie herself achieving 19th position last year. This qualified her for for England Squad trials, which she made the difficult decision to decline as she wanted to continue other hobbies.

Training 8 times per week, with two morning and six evening sessions on top of school work and working towards grade 6 ballet has proved a major challenge, so this year Lottie has switched clubs in order to maintain her enjoyment of synchro as well as balancing it with her other hobbies and commitments as she enters her GCSE year.

She gains enormous pleasure from performing at such a high standard: “I love the feeling underwater and being so free, and I love the feeling of watching a swim back, knowing it looks beautiful on top disguising the hard work and pandemonium beneath the surface. I love competing at national competitions. It is so rewarding to get good results after a year of hard work and a highly demanding training regime. I'm looking forward to continuing the sport that I love.”