Isabelle Keenan (2012)

After surviving the nail-biting A Level results morning we all know too well, Isabelle deferred her place at Newcastle University and travelled to Ban Phe, Thailand, to complete a TEFL Course (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). Here she became fairly well acquainted with being ‘thrown in the deep end', and her first teaching practice was with 40 teenage monks who spoke no English and were slightly suspicious of female authority. She then travelled to Hong Kong and taught English for the rest of the year in Language centres across the City, before heading back home to complete her English Literature and Psychology Combined Honours course.

Her interest in Marketing was piqued after taking a Consumer Psychology module in her third year, and upon seeing The Abbey’s internship scheme it seemed like a no-brainer. Being back at school has been equal parts natural and strange for Isabelle, with walking into the Staff Room and addressing her old teachers by their first names only just starting to feel normal! Having the opportunity to develop graphic design and photography skills during the year has definitely been a highlight for Isabelle, as well as getting to eat school lunches again…

Once her year with us is over, Isabelle is heading to London for a 6-month Marketing and Communications internship with Accenture, which she hopes will lead to some more doors opening in the marketing world.