Year 9 student Isabella saw the reward for months of training and commitment as she and her team mates in the England formation tap team were crowned world champions at the IDO world championships in Germany in December.

Isabella started tap dancing at the age of six and has developed her skills to a very high level. She successfully auditioned to become an associate of the ‘Tap Attack’ dance company and then had the opportunity to audition for the England team. Upon selection Isabella embarked on a heavy training schedule which increased as the competition drew near and the team danced at charity events to give them performance time.

The competition took place over a week with Isabella’s team making the finals against 6 others including teams from the Russian Federation, Canada, Czech Republic and the USA. The announcement of the winner was one of the most nerve-wracking moments of Isabella’s life: “The top three were announced via videos of the dancer’s feet, so we knew when ours didn’t appear on screen as second place was announced that we had won – I felt quite sick before the announcement, but absolutely elated afterwards.”

“I’ve hugely enjoyed the whole experience,” says Isabella. “I’ve made friends across the UK and throughout the world.”

Isabella is hoping to turn her love of performing – she’s also a talented dancer and singer - into a career: “I would love to have a career in musicals and hope to audition for stage school when I’m 16.”