Elise Facer-Childs (2008)

Who knows whether her prowess in butterfly stroke at School swimming galas lit a spark which in time led to Elise’s current PhD research exploring the interrelation of circadian rhythms, human health and performance? What’s for sure is that this area of study has fascinated her since leaving the Abbey in 2008, and it’s therefore no surprise that it has become her specialism.

After a degree in Human Biology from the University of Birmingham, Elise continued to take her Masters there in Chronobiology, the study of biological rhythms. In 2013, she commenced her PhD with MIBTP, a Doctoral Training Programme jointly delivered by the Universities of Warwick, Birmingham and Leicester. Currently in her third year, her research has already received much international media interest, with her findings on athletic performance being showcased on television, radio and the global press in February this year. Here she is being interviewed on BBC Breakfast.