“There is time for much more in your life than you think possible”

So closes the book that Marie has written about her own life, and which she has had published this year at the age of 90 – and for Marie, this statement could not be more true.

Marie was a student at the Abbey from 1937 to 1941, during which time her prowess at hockey became evident. After returning to her Scottish homeland where she finished her schooling, she went on to train as a PE teacher, as well as playing hockey for Scotland for several years. Her love and knowledge of the game led to her becoming the first national coach for women’s hockey in Scotland, during which time the team secured a series of notable wins in international matches, including beating England at Wembley in 1972.

Marie’s trailblazing achievements continued, including qualifying as a marriage guidance counsellor; being appointed as the first Student Counsellor ever in a Scottish College; and gaining a PhD at the age of 60. Alongside all these accomplishments, home life has been paramount to Marie, with her love for, and pride in, her family - including her late husband, Douglas, and her five children – pivotal to the steps in her life’s journey.

Marie’s book, “The Times of My Life” is a hugely beguiling read. If you would like a personal copy, it is available here.