For some people running 10k is a breeze and the challenge lies in pursuit of a faster time, and for others it represents an enormous undertaking and commitment to go beyond what they’ve done before. There were participants at both ends of that spectrum in the team that took on the Royal Berkshire 10k run at Green Park on Sunday 21 May. In what Director of Sport Lara described as “a great day cheering everyone on”, there were personal bests for many of the 14 runners as they took on the route.

For Mr Nattress (Technical Services Team), taking on a 10k run was a major challenge as he had never run anything like that distance before. He was spurred on by his determination to raise money for charity MIND – a tremendous organisation supporting those who are struggling with mental illness. After several weeks of training, the big day came. In Mr Nattress’ own words:

“I started the race with Ben [Mr Burton - Estates Team] at the back of the runners. Ben finished in 49 minutes. I kept up with the last pace setter, who was running at 75 minutes pace, for the first 4 kilometres, then I dropped back and the other runners told me to sit down or I would fall over! So I sat down, saying that I was fine. Somebody else came over and told people to hold my legs in the air – although I was still telling them all I was fine! Someone else ran back to the water station to get help and the Paramedics arrived. I was still telling everyone that I would be fine and had only sat down because people had told me to! I said to the Paramedics “I might not get 1hr 15 but I will get 1hr 40mins!” They said I was optimistic! Once I recovered with the help of an energy gel and finishing my drinks bottle I got up and started to walk and then to jog as I felt better.

“First I caught up with two ladies walking, then with another lady who was walking and jogging. I asked her to jog with me and she did for a while and then told me to go on ahead. I then passed another lady and I could hear the music of the finish line!

“As I got closer I saw Lara and Lara (Miss Lanaghan and Miss Wilkinson) start running towards me and then run with me as we passed the band, then the drummers, and finally made it to the home straight where Ben joined me with his son as I crossed the finish line!

“It felt great! I was pleased when I saw the time one the clock – 1hr 31 - that was from when the race started. My clocked time from when I crossed the start line to crossing the finish line was 1:28:33. It was lovely to have the support of fellow members of staff as I crossed the finish line. I wonder what time I could have done if I had not had that break!”

Mr Nattress has smashed his fundraising target of £130 and at the last count had raised £270.

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the race:
Miss Wilkinson, Miss Lanaghan, Mrs Harvey, Mrs Ember, Mrs A’Bear, Mrs Macvicar, Miss Venning, Mr Burton, Mr Nattress, Miss Larkin Mrs Millward, Mrs McGilvray, Mrs Mir, Mrs O’Brien