I am very happy to say that I have cycled 130 laps around my 206 metre green. It took me about two hours and was 16,737miles/28 km.

My 130 challenge was very difficult but I managed to finish it with my neighbour’s encouragement. My neighbours where always shouting ‘go Bella’ which was very kind of them.

My cycle started easily, but gradually began to get harder, once I had completed around 25 laps, I got super tired but I had to persevere to finish at 130 laps. When I got to 40 laps, I took a break to boost my energy and then got back on track. After that, I was much improving. It took me one hour to reach 50 laps and yet another hour to do the last 80 laps.

I am very pleased with myself and if it were not for The Abbey’s anniversary I wouldn’t have completed this amazing task. Happy anniversary The Abbey School.

Bella, Lower III