For my 130 Challenge I decided to do 130 repetitions of one violin scale. I challenged myself to do the D Major two-octave scale because it contains shifting and I have only just learned that. Shifting is where you slide your left-hand forwards or backwards whilst still playing.

What I found difficult during the challenge was the duration that I could not take my violin down for. By the time I finished, my left wrist and arm felt sore, but my right arm hurt the most because altogether my challenge had 3,380 bows in it.

I enjoyed the challenge because now I find shifting quite easy and I got to play my violin more. I also found that this has given me confidence to try new things on my violin such as a new piece or even a harmonic scale with a shift.

Altogether I found this challenge enjoyable, but it was still extremely difficult. I might try this again another time with another scale that I find difficult to help me learn it, although I would probably change the number of bows to only 70. The 130 Challenge was a wonderful experience and if I was given the opportunity to do it again, another time, I would.