A Level results 2020

Will le Fleming, Head:

“We are very proud of the results attained by all our students. We are pleased that in the great majority of cases our students’ hard work and dedication during their time at The Abbey has been recognised in the standardisation process and we congratulate them as they continue their learning journey at leading universities around the UK.

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For my 130 challenge, I wrote 130 words in a poem about The Abbey. It took about one and half hours and I had a little bit of help too. I found it quite hard because I had to think of a word that rhymes with a previous word and some of the words were quite hard to find a rhyme for them.

The Abbey,
A 130 year old school,
Is where everyone’s happy
And even the teachers are cool!

Everyone’s great
Because everyone’s kind
They’ve all got a mate
And no one’s left behind.

Everyone’s different
No one’s the same
Everyone’s always current
And no one is lame.

The sports are amazing
Our maths is great
In music our voices are raising
Up to heaven’s gate.

Mrs Dent’s the head teacher
And Mrs D-C’s the dept
All the teachers have their own feature
Even those we haven’t met.

In the middle of Reading
Is where you will find our School
Greatness is where we’re heading
And we’ll never run out of fuel.

There’s the Junior and Senior,
Prep and Knell
That’s why everyone stays here
That’s all we will tell.

Evie, Upper II