Careers and Higher Education Convention 2020

By Mrs Robinson, 28 February 2020

The flagship event in our Aspire careers programme, The 2020 Careers and Higher Education Convention, took place on Thursday 27 February and it was an outstanding success, with over 500 students and parents attending.

It was specially designed for all students from Year 9 (Upper IV) and above, whether they knew exactly what their career path would be or were just starting to consider what subjects they wished to pursue at GCSE. Bringing together representatives from a wide range of professions and higher education institutions, it offered students the opportunity to gain first-hand information on different careers and higher education study options.

Representative organisations spanning finance and blue chip, medicine and veterinary, sustainable business and the third sector were available to advise the students on the best routes to take to succeed in their chosen area, and the realities of life in that particular field. We were also fortunate to be joined by a large number of universities who were able to offer guidance on the best courses for students to pursue.

The six Aspire talks were truly inspirational to all those who listened. Talks ranged from A Future in… Scientific Research, Law, Engineering and Medicine to A Career in… the Charity Sector and Professional Services.

It was such a pleasure to see The Abbey Community working together with Alumna giving advice to our current students. Deciding on a career is not something that can be achieved in a single evening, but we very much hope that the 2020 Careers and Higher Education Convention acted as a springboard to inspire many girls to start researching the shape of their futures.