Building strong foundations with Lower Prep

2 December 2019

Our Lower Prep pupils had a fantastic time when they visited the Crest Nicholson housing development site, Mulberry View.

The girls spent the morning at Mulberry View, which is a newly developed housing area in Wokingham. They had the opportunity to view a show home as well as to visit the building site to see how houses are built, from the foundations to the roof. Earlier this term the girls were learning about materials in class so the trip gave them the chance to put their learning into practice. They are now going on to learn about different places around the world and the different buildings found in other countries.

Going to a live building site, safety was of the utmost importance and the girls really looked the part with their hard hats and high-vis jackets, even if the hats were a little big! They had some brilliant questions for the Area Manager at Crest Nicholson, including:

“how do you put the roof on?” (they make it on the ground and then lift it up with a big crane to put it in the right place) and “what glue do you use to stick the bricks together?” (it’s called mortar and is applied as a paste but then sets hard to hold the bricks in place).

The pupils were also very keen to see the diggers and big machinery that the builders were using. Funnily enough, despite some of them having gained their Legoland driving licenses, they didn’t quite feel ready to step inside such a big piece of machinery!

The show home offered the girls a chance to see what the houses would look like once they had been completely built and decorated inside. They took a look in every room and used their new-found knowledge of materials to work out what different items of furniture were made of. The pupils found glass, wood and metal to name a few. They also found out that Crest Nicholson build 3500 houses a year!

The girls were given goodie bags with some fun treats inside, including a sharpener in the shape of a hard hat and a squishy house-shaped stress ball. They really enjoyed the trip and were very excited to show off their goodies.

The Abbey is all about challenging yourself and we encourage our students of all ages to courageously push out of their comfort zone and try new things. We hope that this trip may have even have opened up Lower Prep’s eyes to some new career opportunities later down the line.