All aboard the Life Education Bus

20 January 2020

Last week, the Coram Life Education Bus visited the Junior School to educate our pupils on everything from bullying to drugs awareness.

The Life Education Bus is a travelling initiative that provides children with the opportunity to learn about essential life skills by stepping inside the bus and engaging in group discussion and activities. It’s done in a fun and interactive way, enhancing their learning of the topics already covered in PSHE. Each class from the Junior School attended a session in the Bus, which was run at an appropriate level for their age.

Upper Prep focussed on body function and feelings: they began by discussing how personality begins in the brain, along with feelings. The girls said that they had felt “excited” and “happy” about visiting the bus, and identified some of the ways that your body can change physically when you feel certain things (you might shake or feel sick when you’re nervous, for example).

They then went on to look at how other parts of the body work. The girls took it in turns to identify different organs on a life-sized model, before learning about the importance of each organ within the body. Recognising how to keep your body healthy was also covered, with the girls suggesting sleep, a balanced diet and exercise as the most important factors.

Perhaps the most exciting bit for them all was meeting Harold the giraffe. He told the girls about a party he was having, and they worked together to help him overcome any difficulties he faced. This ranged from managing his emotions when one friend was unable to attend the party, to making another friend feel included when she was being left out.

These sessions in the Bus allowed our pupils to really get involved in discussion and think about a variety of topics in an exciting and different environment. We’re already looking forward to next year!