Algorithm Week

This week has been our very first Algorithm Week in Junior School! Lower I-Lower III have taken part in some active assemblies with Digital Leaders crossing an obstacle course blindfolded and giving instructions to our Robot, Mrs Walton.

Computing lessons have been focused on teaching the concept using Micro:bits, Lego and Blue-Bots, and we set students the challenge to spot algorithms around them – on their way to school, in lessons across the curriculum, during clubs and at home.
It has been fantastic to see the students excited about programming and making links with computational concepts all around them, not just in the Computing Suite.
At the end of the week, some of the students reflected:

“In Maths we did partitioning for multiplication; we had to use an algorithm for the method.” Yashasvee Upper I
“It’s helped me understand more this week – there’s tons of things to spot: making tea, swimming. They all have a sequence or patterns.” Elizabeth & Jinxin Upper II

” I learnt that algorithms are everywhere, not just in Computing.” Anvi Lower III