• Do I need to register for an Open Morning?

    If you will be attending an Open Morning it would be very helpful if you could book your place by making an enquiry.

  • How much are your fees and is there any financial support offered?

    The fees page explains current fees per year group and what is covered. Bursaries are offered in the Senior School to assist academically able girls whose parents would not otherwise be able to afford to send their daughter to The Abbey.

  • How do I register my daughter?

    Please complete our on-line registration form and we shall then contact you to explain the next steps for your daughter.

  • How hard is it to get into The Abbey?

    The Abbey caters for girls who are academically able and we aim to offer places to girls who will benefit from the environment of The Abbey. One of our strengths is our outstanding teaching which, coupled with a supportive and nurturing pastoral system, gives girls the confidence to aspire in the classroom. This ‘value added’ enables each girl to achieve their full potential. Do please contact us if you would like to explore a place at The Abbey for your daughter.

    All girls (external applicants and those at the Junior School) need to sit the entrance exam into the Senior School.

  • Do you offer scholarships?

    Scholarships are offered at Senior School and Sixth Form. For full details visit our Scholarships page.

  • Can I claim the Early Years Funding?

    Yes. The Early Years Education grant (currently 15 hours per week) is automatically deducted from your invoice each term that your daughter qualifies under the scheme. Please note that you can only use the full 15 hours at one establishment.
  • Do you accept Childcare vouchers?

    Childcare vouchers can be used to pay for Before and After School Care and the Holiday Club. They cannot be used for fee payment.
  • What is the school day?

    Junior School - The School day starts at 8.45am and ends at 3.30pm (for Nursery to Year 2) and 3.45pm (for Year 3 to Year 6). Before and After School care and Holiday Club are available to support working parents and further details can be found here. Senior School - The School day runs from 8.40am through to 3.45pm. Breakfast is available to purchase in the dining hall from 8am and the girls are welcome to spend time in their form rooms (Hardcastle Hall for Year 7) until the start of the school day. A homework club is available for no extra charge until 5.45pm each day.

  • Can I defer my daughter’s place to Year 9?

    Whilst we encourage girls to start at The Abbey Senior School in Year 7, if your daughter attends a prep school which ends at 13 they are able to sit the entrance examination in Year 7 and, if offered a place, defer their start until Year 9.
  • Why does the Abbey offer A Levels and IB in the Sixth Form?

    The IB Diploma allows students to carry on studying a broader range of subjects in the Sixth Form as well as developing independent study skills. A Levels are chosen by those students who feel ready to specialise academically, and concentrate their efforts on a smaller range of subjects. Our Sixth Form team will provide advice and guidance.

  • What clubs are available at the school?

    Both the Junior and Senior Schools offer a wide range of lunchtime and after school clubs and a timetable is issued each term.
  • What is the minimum number of Nursery sessions my daughter should attend?

    In order for your daughter to benefit from the variety of activities that we offer, we recommend a minimum of 5 mornings or 3 full days. The number of days can be increased during the course of the year, if available.
  • Where can I access your latest ISI report for the school?

    Our latest Inspection was conducted in 2014 and we were delighted with their findings. It is available to read in full on the Inspection page.

  • How do girls manage to achieve such impressive exam results and also enjoy their extra-curricular activities?

    We believe that balance is very important in life. The school day is relatively short compared to some independent schools and there is no Saturday school. We find that this enables girls to take part in after school activities at The Abbey and also to develop outside interests and friendships eg. sport clubs, Girl Guides. As a guide, in Year 7 the girls are expected to do an hour of homework each evening.

  • What is your approach to Bullying?

    The School has a very developed pastoral care system which is designed to ensure the wellbeing of all girls. There is a clear anti-bullying policy.