Well done to all our IB students 2020

You may be delighted to learn that our IB students have, in this strangest of years, achieved a fabulous set of results.

Highlights include:

av point score = 39 (Global av = 30)

52% of candidates scored 40 or more

87% of HL (higher level) grades are at 6 or 7

1 candidate scored a full 45 points

Very high av core score (extended essay, theory of knowledge, creativity/activity/service) of 2.3

90% of students into high ranking first choice Universities, with 3 students into Oxbridge

Wide range of courses at destination universities: psychology, aerospace engineering, medicine, commercial management & quantity surveying, English Literature, PPE, child nursing

Outcomes such as these wouldn't be possible without the vast amounts of effort and care that our staff have provided to these students, not just during the last couple of years, but throughout their time at the Abbey School. Well done to everyone involved.

Please contact us if you would like to join us and be a part of a fabulous Sixth Form IB or A-level programme in 2020/21 at [email protected]

Welcome to The Abbey

The Abbey is a warm and welcoming community, with each student bringing her own unique talents, interests and character to build an environment that is diverse, inclusive and energetic. We celebrate growth and achievement in all its varied forms from the Nursery to the Sixth Form and on into adult life.

Over 130 years ago, The Abbey was founded on a spirit of pioneering, brave women and its mission to encourage independent, aspirational young women who contribute to the world we share has remained a basis for the School’s modern ethos.

The ability not only to adapt, but also to be a voice for positive change, is woven into the fabric of The Abbey. We want to help our students develop this ability as they enter a brave new world with an inner confidence and an understanding of the need for mindful balance, as well as independence.

The Abbey delivers an exceptional opportunity for each student to learn, care, thrive, and to shape her own future as she sees it.

We very much look forward to meeting you.