Festival of Inquiry

Please click through to our Virtual Events page - and register your interest for our ‘Festival of Inquiry’ - a celebration of online learning for those with curious, inquisitive and inquiring minds. There will be a daily selection of tasks and challenges - ranging from ‘Shark Attack in Science’ to ‘The Great Fire of London Art creation’.

Festival of Inquiry - 23-27 November (for ages 6-11 years old)

Winter Wonder Week - 30 November - 4 December (for ages 3-5 years old)

The Abbey’s Vision, Mission, Ethos, Values and Learner Profile

The Abbey’s VISION is to remain academically selective, committed to girls’ education, pastoral support and developing well-rounded individuals. The Abbey girls are encouraged to aim high both academically and personally, to develop a sense of moral and spiritual responsibility for themselves and others and to explore broad extra-curricular interests. This is the essence of an Abbey education.

The Abbey’s MISSION is to empower girls to become active, happy and successful students equipped to lead creative, fulfilled and productive lives in a rapidly changing world. Our Abbey girls develop a strong moral compass and the qualifications, skills and interests to help them thrive and give them choice now and in the future.

The Abbey’s ETHOS is about creating learners with a strong sense of their inner worth who value kindness, honesty, tolerance and acceptance, who are courageous and confident and have a strong sense of social responsibility based upon a strong Christian foundation.

  • Creative Learners

The School’s ethos is centred on empowering girls to become confident, independent and enthusiastic learners. Abbey girls learn to think creatively within a culture of reflection and innovation, with a positive attitude, hard work and dedication. We encourage and enable all pupils to aim for their very best and set their sights high.

  • Individual Value

Abbey girls have a sense of their true inner worth and that of others. We believe in making every individual count, both for herself and in her interaction with those around her. The Abbey is a community where everyone is valued; where there is kindness, tolerance, positive thought for, and encouragement with, others.

  • Social Responsibility

The Abbey encourages girls to reflect on their responsibility to society, empowered and motivated to make a difference. The Abbey ethos promotes a sense of responsibility to oneself, to society and to our community.

  • Confident Future

We encourage girls to think broadly, as well as deeply, and to make connections, developing an approach to life both inside and outside the classroom that will make them resilient, balanced and open-minded, well prepared for whatever their future holds. Abbey girls are equipped to seize life’s opportunities with intelligence, enthusiasm and perspective, leading them towards a fulfilled and happy future.

  • Christian Foundation

A dynamic, positive and supportive moral and spiritual ethos underpins and enhances everything we do. With a Church of England foundation, Christian values are at the heart of the School that welcomes girls of all faiths and none.

The VALUES of the Abbey are:

Kindness, Honesty, Tolerance, Acceptance, Courage and Confidence.