Inspection Report


  • “Pupils across the whole school... exhibit outstanding attitudes to learning and show enjoyment and satisfaction in all they do.”
  • “Lessons are meticulously planned and very well taught... Teachers are visibly ambitious for their pupils, and in lessons they share a mutual respect.”
  • “Pupils have extremely well-developed and distinct personalities for their age, and show themselves to be self-confident and independent young people.”
  • “Pupils have an excellent cultural awareness and appreciate the diversity within the school, which allows them to explore other traditions in an open and creative way.”

The highest ratings in every category

The Abbey School was visited by the Independent Schools Inspectorate in October 2014. Following a rigorous inspection by a team of 16 inspectors, we were delighted to receive a report that gave The Abbey the highest ratings in every category.

The report highlights The Abbey School’s exceptional academic achievements, outstanding provision in teaching and learning, pastoral care, pupils’ personal, social and cultural development and the strong governance of the School. More than this, however, it is an accurate reflection of the very special nature of The Abbey, its community and the relationship between staff and pupils.

Dr Debby Reynolds, Chair of Governors at the time of inspection said: “I'm delighted the Independent Schools Inspectorate has concluded, after intensive and wide-ranging scrutiny, that The Abbey is an excellent school. The exceptional educational experience that the school provides has been achieved through the vision, leadership and continuous hard work of many people from The Abbey Community. I want to thank staff, parents, girls and governors for this success. In coming years we will continue to develop The Abbey School as a leading place for girls' education.”