The Abbey is providing a blended learning experience with a mix of virtual and classroom interactivity for DfE selected year groups.

A few members of staff are at School ensuring that students of key workers and DfE approved year groups (under Covid-19 conditions) are being provided for over the final weeks of the summer term.
Please contact us for any questions you may have concerning this unusual period facing the School and the UK at [email protected]

Celebrating 130 years of girls’ education

Our anniversary year offered us an opportunity to reflect on the past and look forward to our future. The events and activities that we chose reflected the diversity and energy of The Abbey throughout its history, and a common thread was the chance to gather together and celebrate all that makes up our unique and special community. As a School we have been committed to the education of girls since our foundation in 1887.

Our aim has always been to develop principled intelligent young women who will become conscientious leaders who are generous with their time and talents. This charitable ethos extends back to the early days of School when dances, flower shows and teas were held to support local charities. In acknowledgement of this central tenet of The Abbey philosophy, our anniversary celebrations included events and challenges aimed at investing in our community and building a stronger future together.


We thoroughly enjoyed sharing an exciting calendar of events celebrating this milestone in our history. Whilst a girl’s time as a pupil at The Abbey is over in just a few years, her association with the School lasts forever and we invited all who have played a part in our history – from pupils, parents and staff to alumnae and supporters – to join in the various activities on offer.