A trip for The Sixth Form Law Society

By Dr. Gannon. 8 October 2019

Today the Sixth Form Law Society went to Reading Minster to celebrate the start of the judicial year with a selection of Berkshire society who work within the judicial system. Judges, representatives of the emergency services and local leaders took part in the Judicial Service with a blessing from the Bishop of Oxford. This year’s theme was on young people in society and the intervention of aspects of the judicial system for those at risk.

The girls heard from the Bishop of Oxford on the importance of leadership in society as well as the challenges facing young people; referencing the idea of the current younger generations being the ‘canary in the cage, going down the mine of social media’. Indeed the challenges facing young people today are without parrell. His views reflect some important aspects of how the legal system should be designed to protect the young and the vulnerable with guidance and leadership in society from our judges and legal system.

Certainly, this theme and these ideas are central to our future discussions and further study of the Law and society in the Sixth Form.