‘A Night of Movie Magic’

Last week, a large number of the UII students travelled to London to perform in ‘A Night of Movie Magic’ at the Royal Albert Hall. This was a fundraising event for Barnardo’s and we were delighted that a number of parents were able to watch the evening performance. Our thanks go to the members of staff who accompanied the students on the trip. Here is what Sissi had to say about the day:

When I went to the Royal Albert Hall it was a terrific and unforgettable experience. The hall was grand and beautiful, and it was a great honour to perform there. My favourite part of the day was the actual performance itself. I enjoyed performing in the hall with all the other schools and the music was spectacular! I particularly enjoyed the pieces the orchestra performed, and there were many that I knew.

Overall my experience at the Royal Albert Hall was fascinating and fantastic, and I would love to go there again.