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  • My German Trip
    by Together Abbey on 21 June 2024

    During the week in Berlin, we explored various parts of Berlin including historical sites such as the Berlin Gate and East Side Gallery, and other sightseeing activities such as the River Cruise on […]

  • Food, Nutrition and Art!
    by Together Abbey on 21 June 2024

    This week the UIV groups have been exploring the close link between Food, Nutrition and Art!  They have been given the opportunity to design and make their own focaccia bread using their own design. […]

  • A Story As Old As Time
    by Together Abbey on 21 June 2024

    A word as meaningful as a poem, a story as old as time Shall the sand trickle, shall the waves thy roll, I pour my heart out as the wind may blow, My dear emotions sink into my soul, As words start […]

  • Outdoor Residential
    by Together Abbey on 21 June 2024

    Our Lower IV students had a great time on their Outdoor Residential this year. Our aim was to challenge ourselves, have an adventure and ‘get outside’, and the activities did not disappoint. We […]

  • …The Scottish Play
    by Together Abbey on 21 June 2024

    LIII students enjoyed a theatrical performance of Shakespeare’s much-loved play Macbeth, fully embracing their roles with confidence and enthusiasm. They explored Shakespeare’s rich, evocative […]

  • Paris – A Student Reflection
    by Together Abbey on 21 June 2024

    Last week, the LV and LVI  students who study French spent an exciting few days in Paris. The journey began with an early 4 a.m. start on Monday morning, followed by a ferry from Dover to Calais and […]


Today, we celebrate Pride Month with a spotlight on Marie Maitland, a remarkable Scottish poet from East Lothian!

Marie is believed to have transcribed the Maitland Quarto Manuscript, a key source of Early Modern Scots literature. Among the treasures in this manuscript is a nine-stanza poem, the 49th text, written in Scots. This anonymous poem poignantly explores the author's frustration at being unable to marry her female lover, making it one of the earliest known writings on same-sex love in Scotland.

Marie Maitland’s courage to pen such a poem at a time when it was dangerous highlights her bravery and the enduring power of love. Let's honour her legacy and continue celebrating love in all its forms this Pride Month!


Photo Credit: Imagined portrait of Marie Maitland (2021), commissioned by and copyright Ashley Douglas
We just had to share some of these photos from #LowerIV’s Outdoor Residential to the Peak District last week!

Celebrate Pride Month with us as we honour Carol Ann Duffy -  a trailblazing Scottish poet and playwright!

As one of Britain's most successful modern poets, Duffy made history in 2009 by becoming the first woman and Scot to be appointed Britain’s Poet Laureate.

Her powerful poetry delves into contemporary culture, gender issues, and social inequality, using what she describes as "simple words, but in a complicated way."

Duffy holds honorary doctorates from numerous universities, and her work is a staple in school curriculums across Scotland and the UK.

Let's celebrate her incredible contributions to literature and her impactful voice in advocating for equality and understanding.


Photo Credit: Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert/Getty Images
Meet alumnae Lexxie, Maddie and Bhaavya, who are thrilled to share the launch of The Abbey Stories Telethon Campaign starting tonight!

13 amazing callers are gearing up to have conversations with fellow alumnae, parents, and supporters of The Abbey. Their mission is to secure ongoing support for The Abbey’s 1887 Bursary Fund and the Community Fund.

A huge shoutout to our incredible Abbey callers: Alex (Upper VI), Lexie (2022), Amelia (2022), Anabelle (2022), Bhaavya (2022), Emilia (Upper VI), Fern (2021), Georgina (Upper VI), Bella (Upper VI), Jessica (2023), Maddie (2022), Phoebe (2023), & Savia (2024)

The #LowerI and #UpperI students enjoyed a fabulous morning at their annual Sports Day last week. Look how much fun they had!

There was lots of excitement, house spirit, and even the parents joined in on the fun! 

Today, #UpperI received training in basic first aid and how to deal with a medical emergency. 

They were taught how to use DR ABC ( danger, response, airway, breathing, compressions) when finding a casualty, how to put them into the recovery position, how to call 999 for help, and how to perform CPR on an adult, child, and baby. 

The students were also shown how to use a defibrillator, and where to locate one in the Junior School.

Today we look to Kasha Nabagesera during #PrideMonth!

Kasha Nabagesera is a Ugandan LGBTQ+ rights activist, founder, and executive director of the organisation Freedom & Roam Uganda (FARUG). 

Known as the "founding mother" of Uganda's LGBTQ+ rights movement, she began publicly campaigning against homophobic prejudice in 1999, in a nation where homosexuality remains illegal. 

Throughout her life, Nabagesera has faced oppression and discrimination. In 2010, a Ugandan newspaper published the names of LGBT Ugandans, including hers. She bravely sued the outlet, standing up for the rights of her community.

Photo credit: Mark Sagliocco/FilmMagic/Getty Images
Our #LowerVI had their drama exam today, and they did amazingly well!

They performed a devised piece inspired by the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur. 

We are very proud of them. Well done to Grace, Ella, Ariana, and Liza

#AbbeyDrama #CreativeIndustries #AbbeySixthForm
What a way to start our Senior School’s Celebration of Music Week!

Can you guess what today’s theme was?

#AbbeyMusic #CelebrationofMusic #AbbeySeniors
#LowerV's last day in Valencia!

"¡Hola! Unfortunately. today was our last day in Valencia but it was extra special. We started off the day bright and early with the sun shining. We were all very grateful for such nice weather on our final day.

We continued the usual fun and engaging content before we had a graduation ceremony to end our time at the school. Traditional Spanish music was played as we received our congratulations and certificates. It was a beautiful as well as sad moment as many memories have been made. We then had our fulfilling lunch - I ate the famous paella. Delicious! 

Finally, we went shopping in the local centre - Arena. We all very much enjoyed this as we were able to explore the shops together and buy some souvenirs. On behalf of the year 10 Spanish students - I want to say a big thank you to all those who have looked after us this week - The Abbey staff (especially Señorita Marquez) , the school staff and teachers at Costa València, the hotel staff at Olympia Fitness and Spa and all who made this trip enjoyable and unforgettable for us. ¡Muchas Gracias todos!"

Elsa, Lower V

Wishing all those who celebrate a blessed Eid al-Adha!

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