40 Years at The Abbey! – Maggie Shepherd

Maggie Shepherd, known and loved, especially at the Junior School, is celebrating The Abbey Long Service Award after dedicating 40 years to the school. What an amazing achievement, and the whole Abbey Community is very grateful for Maggie’s dedication and support. 

Maggie was asked some questions, after receiving the Long Service Award – hope you enjoy reading her answers. 

What’s your favourite thing about The Abbey? 

My colleagues. Over the years, I’ve made so many dear friends. 

What has been your favourite moment in the last 40 years at the school? 

In 1987, the Head took the whole school to Henley for one big party to celebrate the School’s Centenary. 

What part of your job do you enjoy the most? 

Definitely the interface with the students every day. If you didn’t teach what would you have done? Maybe Veterinary Medicine or Farming. Something in the open air! 

Maggie Shepherd, LIII Teacher, Junior School