Gateway 9 July 2021

World-Class IB Results at The Abbey, Aerobic Gymnast - European Championship Call-up, Looking Back...Juniors PE, Tennis Star and more!

The end and the beginning

There is an ancient symbol, found across the world from Norse mythology to Ancient Egypt, that depicts a circle formed by a snake eating…

World-Class IB results at The Abbey

The Abbey School is celebrating another outstanding set of IB results - reaffirming our globally renowned status as one of the top IB…

House Music

Last week, after a long wait, the House Music competition returned to the Junior School. After the disappointment of 2020’s competition…

Music Scholar

Eli in Lower IV, is a music scholar at the Royal College of Music and at the end of their term she was awarded the performance prize.

Upper IV History Trip

On Thursday 24 June we had a history day on our current topic of World War I. For the first half of the day we had a talk on World War I…

Long Service Awards

This week The Abbey held its Long Service Awards - in recognition of staff who have worked at the School for ten years or more.

Gateway 2 July 2021

A Night At The Oscars - Upper V Prom, Mummified Tomatoes, Music Scholar, Dorset Trip and more!


How do we cope when we find ourselves teetering on the precipice between school years; one foot still in our old year before leaping into…