Gateway – 26 February 2021

Piano Achievements, Can you eat a rainbow? Chess Competition, Equal Rights and Activism, Junior Baking and more!

We feel pride when

What does equality mean in our school today? What does it mean to be unequivocally inclusive?

Natalie Walmsley, 2009

Natalie is a writer & actor. Her pilot FLING is currently in development with NoHo Productions. She featured in CBBC’s BAFTA winning SECRET…

Upper IV Art Inspirations

Paul Giovanopoulos' artwork is defined by complex investigation of simple objects. His original vision involved a carefully composed…

Lower III: Letters to the Future

Lower III have been writing letters for future Abbey pupils to read one day about their experience of the pandemic. They are planning to…

Reading to Zimbabwe Challenge-Completed!

 Huge well done to everyone who participated in the Reading to Zimbabwe challenge. We chose Zimbabwe as it is connected to our School…

Gateway – 11 February 2021

Esha's Valuable Volunteering, Curiosity Week - Lower IV German Tourism and Cuisine, Amelia and Lottie's Daily Steps Challenge and more!

The corridor of uncertainty

What do you do when you don’t know what to do? This is a simple question that can feel, at times of crisis, overwhelming. Much study is…

Children’s Mental Health Week- PE

As part of Children’s Mental Health Week we've been encouraging the students to express themselves in many different ways... and that’s…

ARTiculation Regional Finalist

The Abbey Art Department has annually enjoyed the success of the ARTiculation Prize hosted by Roche Court Educational Trust.