Senior School News

Water Guns and Teddy Bear fights in Onatti's educational 'Auf dem Campingplatz'

It was a delight to welcome the dynamic Onatti Theatre Company to The Abbey last month for their entertaining performance of ‘Auf dem Campingplatz’. Performed by two native German speakers to our LIV, the girls were encouraged to hone their listening and speaking skills throughout the production - with many jokes and even a bit of audience participation keeping them on their toes. The play explored the relationship between two friends and their experiences during a somewhat troublesome camping trip, with various tensions arising that push the pair to breaking point. After a few impassioned fights, the last leading to a broken high heel and a rather sad looking teddy, the campers managed to reconcile their differences and make the best of their trip - much to the amusement of our girls!

For more photos of the play, please click here!